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It is your birthright to treat yourself with respect, and rise up against those who do not do the same to you. Just as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of a world in which people judged not by the color of one’s skin, in the battle against eating disorders and bad body image, it’s important to learn not to judge yourself or others based on bodies and weight.  Use the following sayings to learn to rethink how you see yourself and others, and replace old assumptions with new philosophies of beauty and serenity. 

  • The weight you really need to lose is the one renting space in your head, whispering and screaming at you that you are only worth the numbers on a scale.

  • When I was a child, I did not hope to one day define my happiness based on whether or not there was a gap between my thighs.

  • Swimsuit season is about weather, not weight.  Wear a swimsuit that fits, and to hell with what anyone else says.

  • Fat is not a four letter word.

  • A mirror is just furniture.  It’s not a judge and jury.

  • If you don’t find that you are beautiful, you are not yet looking in the right places.

  • Fitspiration is just another way to belittle yourself for not feeling thin.  Leave those “motivational” posters to those who don’t get this yet.

  • Starve your self-hatred, not your body.

  • Happiness does not begin at a specific weight.  It is an option at all times.

  • Counting calories is the least interesting hobby to nurture.

  • Sexy is what I make of it and how I express it.

  • Cellulite is normal.

  • If I don’t know how to have inner peace now, it’s not going to just appear 10 pounds from now.

  • “Muffin top” is not a crime; it’s an an ad term designed to make you empty your wallet out of shame.

  • I will treat my body with the respect I wanted people to treat it with when I was a baby.

  • Do I have a big bum?  Then I have a big bum.  How boring would it be if I assigned value to that, instead of getting off it and working on loving all of me?

  • You cannot weigh beauty.

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