Grace on the Moon is a website about eating disorders, for people who suffer from them, and the people who care about them.  Here we provide a safe, welcoming environment for people who are ready to close the chapter of their lives that includes the hell of an eating disorder, and want to affirm that their worth and value are not tied to the image in the mirror or the numbers on a scale.  We are all beautiful, strong and lovely human beings, and we deserve to stand up for ourselves, embrace our strength, and live authentic, peaceful lives.

This website offers several things:

  • Information about eating disorders for sufferers, their loved ones, professionals, and students.

  • Hope, inspiration and concrete ways to take action in recovery.

  • Bulletin boards for eating disorder sufferers that are moderated by individuals who understand what it was like to be sick, and have gone on to fully recover.  Our moderators have extensive previous experience working online to help guide, encourage and challenge those living with an eating disorder to understand and achieve recovery.  They work hard to provide a safe, online, peer-support community in which the rules are respected.  We are a pro-recovery website!

  • A blog and social media addressing both eating disorder related topics and body positive ones.

Grace on the Moon was founded by Moon, who previously worked as an Administrator & Moderator on the Something Fishy Website for Eating Disorders for 12 years, and has written articles and blogs on mental health issues and addiction.   Whether you are just beginning to explore healing from an eating disorder or are firmly in recovery, welcome to this new corner of the Internet.  Make yourself comfortable; the view from the moon is out of this world.

An explanation of the name Grace on the Moon